Bee friendly environments

We specialize in bee removal and encourage live bee removal from structures. We remove bees from houses, business, and structures. We also perform work on swarms, trees, swimming pool pumps— we will do our best to do live bee removal from any place you find the bees.
During this period were we are experiencing heat waves and we have not had our first spring rains, we are concerned about our natural habitats and their survival. There will be numerous “swarms” as they are moving around looking for nourishment. This is when nature and humans collide and this is when it is important for us to co-exist.

Contrary to general opinions, bees do not go around looking for people to sting. Bees only sting in defence of themselves or their hives when they feel threatened. Safety depends on knowing what to do long before the moment of crisis comes.

Will I have to pay for the Bee's to be removed?

Yes, ask the beekeeper for a quotation before the beekeeper comes out as there will be a time and material charge.

Why should I pay anything-if the beekeeper is getting the bees?

Bees are wild creatures and there is no guarantee that on successful relocation to the hives that they will stay in the hive.

Is there a danger that bees will attack?

Bees are gentle creatures will protect themselves if they feel threatened and when the hive is at risk.

Never underestimate a beehive in your vicinity as you may think that there are only a few bees however, you might stumble upon a flourishing colony that then will feel threatened by you. Distinctive warning signs are unhappy pets that avoid certain parts of your garden, cutting of grass and if the temperatures are extremely high.

If you have no experience with bees, do not attempt to antagonize them