Eco Beekeepers will remove and relocate the bees for you. Bees are the biggest cause of people getting bad allergic reactions. The majority of people do not know that they are allergic to bees, not until they get stung. By then it could be too late. So to make sure that nobody gets hurt, it is best to get rid of the bees. Getting rid of bees is something that should be done by a trained and professional company like Eco Beekeepers. Getting rid of them yourself, could be dangerous. Eco Beekeepers use different methods when it comes to getting rid of the bees. Some may prefer to come in the afternoon/evening. Some may prefer to come early in the morning for the simple reason that bees are less active during these times.

The Art of being Bee Friendly

During this period were we are experiencing heat waves and we have not had our first spring rains, we are concerned about our natural habitats and their survival. There will be numerous “trek swerms” as they are moving around looking for nourishment. This is when nature and humans collide and this is when it is important for us to co-exist.

Important things to remember if you are attacked by a Bee Colony

Bees attack when they/their colonies are threatened.

So the first thing to do when you come across a bee hive on your property, is do not tamper with the hive. Call a professional Bee Remover.

If you are attacked do not wave and hit the bees as this makes them more defensive. The defensive response is achieved through alarm pheromones which facilitate rapid recruitment of defenders and they mark the target to be attacked. Some of the reasons that can start the stinging behavior are:

Certain odours such as :

If a person is being stung by the bees, a person should run away as quickly as possible finding bushes or tree as protection. Seek shelter in a vehicle or a house. But do not jump into water as has always been advised.

Bees are an important part of our eco-system and are required to nourish our natural environment. The history of honey appears to be as old as our civilization. There are references found to both honeybees and their products in ancient mythology and in the customs and rituals of early man. In most of Africa, honey was traditionally used to produce honey beer. Up to the start of the 18th century, honey was the common sweetening agent.

Therefore we all have a place in our system.